What is

Website Wonderment (in 1-week)


Who is this for? 

For small businesses who want a quick website and;

  • Have your domain, logo, copy and images ready to go

  • Do not have a preconceived idea of what your site will look like

  • Comfortable trusting me with minimal contact (email only, no pre site calls/meetings)

  • Not a control freak (not that this is a negative, but WW is not for you, our traditional packages will be more your thing)

What you get;

  • Account set-up (if required)

  • Website design and development

  • Mobile and tablet responsive

  • Up to 5 pages

  • Very basic SEO - Page titles, Keyword descriptions
    (titles/descriptions to be provided by business).

  • Social media account integration

  • MailChimp/Newsletter integration

  • Contact/enquiry form

  • Logo loaded

  • Favicon loaded

  • Domain Connections

  • A complete website ready to show off!

*Additional add-ons charged at the hourly rate of $80p/h


Website Wonderment vs similar offerings

So there are a lot of website building options out there and it can probably get a little confusing. Some companies offer services like ‘build your own website’ or have templates to purchase that you just ‘easily…’ drag and drop your content. I have even toyed with the idea of doing my own template. But most of the clients I work with do not have the time or skill to do this efficiently, and a lot of the companies that offer really cheap and/or build your own are using overseas workers who may not be paid or treated well and you speak to a different person every time you email these companies because you do not have a dedicated person. So my package, while might be a little more expensive, gives you ME and a design that will be truly yours. While to keep the cost down there is less contact, I’m here to fix any obvious errors and we can work together in the future to further develop your site and brand as you develop your business. So I give you the easy jobs, so all the information, images etc is ready to go, and I do the complicated part of putting it all together and making it look beautiful.

Flossy Digital how to optimise your image for web.png

Instructions on;

How to optimise images ready for your new site


Ready to Start?


*Unlike our other packages, full payment is to be made prior to commencement. A $100 deposit secures your start date.