Oh Hi!

I'm Jemma.  I am the designer behind Flossy Digital. I wasn’t always in the digi space, but I find building Squarespace sites feels more like a fun hobby than a career, that’s how much I love it. And I take that love and passion for what I do into every site I build or work on.

Away from the computer I love coffee, sparkling water and wine, the travel bug has a huge hold on me, while I love walking in the sun (with my coffee), I also love curling up on the couch in front of tv to watch comedy and lifestyle shows (with a wine) and of course my family which is what gets me up every day (literally, I'm a night owl but my little ones can't use the toaster yet).  I also spend way too much time on Pinterest lusting over interiors and online shopping thanks mostly to Instagram! I over use emojis (for my age 😂), love to gossip about the latest ‘Bachelor’ season, but overall like to live “KIND”.

Jemma Christie - Flossy Digital | Squarespace Website Designer


I was originally a research scientist who lost the passion for my career and decided to find what I loved.  At this point I didn't know there was such a career as a Social Media Manager or Websites could be built without full coding, but chance meetings and looking into things I loved opened up a whole new world.  I’m a little shy in the real, so hiding behind my computer/phone/tablet to do work felt like it was meant to be!

My first websites were really more of a little hobby, starting with my first personal site to market my Social Media services and realising that many companies were offering costly sites that were built in a way that I would be reliant on that particular company to update and service my website for its life, no matter how high their rates were.  So after building my own site and realising I had a knack for it, I began offering friends on smaller budgets websites they could update and modify themselves with a little education.  

I worked in both Social Media and Websites for a few years but my passion led me to websites which had the right mix of technical and creative for my mind.  But having the Social Media and Marketing experience has allowed me to better set up websites from a Marketing perspective.  


 I have a good eye for style and no matter what your business is, I believe your website can look clean and modern.

I'm also very proud and persistent, if there is something I can't do, I'll learn it so I can do it and do it well.  I also have a lot of lovely and talented business connections, so I can help you with additional services and/or recommendations such as branding, copy writing, photography, business mentoring etc.  

I am extremely passionate about offering beautiful sites to start-ups, small business, community groups, bloggers and more without breaking the bank and empowering people, if they wish, to take control of their own sites. 

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Showily Stylish - wordreference.com

While I’m not a showy person, I do believe you need to have a stylish website to showcase your brand/products. But to be honest, Flossy is actually the name of my first ever teddy who looks like fairy floss!

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Work Involvement

In addition to freelance work I also create new and update existing websites for the talented Techno Bird, with SquareSpace and WIX.